I Can't Afford That, Thank You

I am being marketed to. Facebook wants me to "boost" my posts. For $3. There's a whole marketing campaign section where I can do ads and check my stats. I couldn't need anything less that an ad, couldn't desire anything less than to know my stats. I turned off as much of that as I could find.

This reminded me that I don't operate in a market-driven system. I have to have money, yes. I do earn money for my writing. I need to eat, and, frankly, Adrian pays for that.

Money and numbers are just not what Mystic Baptist is about.

I found a kind of freedom in a contemplative life. All the benefits are intangible. And all the benefits are invaluable.

When I find myself smiling as I walk about during the day, that's a gift. Being able to breathe deeply three times and lose that tight stressful feeling as I walk through a store is a boon. Connecting to all that is God and everything outside of me and inside of me, well, that's amazing.

Relief from pain. Imagine how that strikes me.

This little blog and its social media pals are just to let me share. Free. Worthless and worth everything all at once.

Richard Rohr talks about mysticism being able to get beyond a dualist way of thinking, living. Not black or white, not free or expensive, not you or me, not God or human. It's a third way where all of the opposites exist in the same moment. It's marked by being able to live into the paradoxes of life, like being worthless and worth everything at the same time. The mystery of that. The joy. The freedom. The peace.

I know how out-there this all sounds. I wouldn't have read me in 2007. A lot can change in ten years - or a few minutes.

Here's the first freebie:

The next time you sit down, or right now, if you aren't doing something dangerous, close your eyes.

Just continue breathing like you normally do for a count of 10 breaths.

Then take three breaths that are deeper, slower, holding the breath for a second or two before exhaling. Really be slow on these breaths.

That's it. First time. Easy and breezy. Go on about your business.

Enjoy the mystery, y'all.



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  2. My phone decided to edit my previous comment. What I wanted to say was thar I like the mystery. A lot.


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